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In search of a good relationship between people and nature.

A large number of technical innovations verify HOWA’s history of ecology.


A message from our President Shibuya


A half-century has passed since the company was founded in 1955. Although, the demands for automotive interior products have increased over the years Howa has gained customer trust by creating and manufacturing quality products through initiative technologies and modern facilities.

Howa, in both their corporate mission statement and product innovation, has historically identified with the preservation of the environment.

As the world faces critical environmental issues, Howa will continue to pursue environmentally friendly solution through its core competencies, textile fabricating and recycling technologies.

In 2008, “HOWA Holdings” was established to strengthen its responds to increased customer needs and a global network.

Also, we have never forgotten our most important corporate mission, People, the most important resource, to foster a friendly and creative work environment. I firmly believe that supporting our corporate goals will allow us to compete in a global environment.

Therefore, the consolidation of our company will provide strength for us to move forward as a leader in the industry providing quality products with confidence and pride.

As always, we appreciate you patronage and support.


Akiyori Shibuya, President Chief Operating Officer


In 1970, HOWA developed molded headliners, the first used in domestic Japanese vehicles making HOWA the « Pioneers » in the development of « Molded Headliners ».
The progress to today is large, full-size headliner systems which satisfy Head Clearance, Sound Absorption and Thermal Insulation has been achieved by meeting customer requirements such as Mass Reduction, Acoustic Performance and Modular Over Head System. While the modern molded headliner system is a major  contributor to the functionality and comfort of a vehicles interior, another major HOWA product,  « Interior Dash Insulator », play an equally important role. With HOWA’s technical advancements such as improved cover materials and innovated felt processes, this product was developed by HOWA and adopted by the Japanese domestic auto industry for the first time. At the « Core » of HOWA’s technical competence is their corporate mind-set of « Recycling » materials into new interior products maximizing resources. The group of interior parts that utilize recycled material is certainly the manifestation of HOWA corporate mission, the maximization of resources. HOWA has established a solid reputation as a “Technology & Development Oriented” company aiming for improved functionality and superior quality through its own initiative. These principles have gained HOWA a majority market share in the Sunshade Trim business in Japan. HOWA, through years of product development has earned the status of « System Supplier » responsible for providing total interior systems to their customers. HOWA continues to meet the needs of the customer by improving vehicle interiors and meeting their demands by employing tools like Advanced Engineering, Advanced Product Design, Advance Manufacturing Techniques, and through Parts Validation.