Howa Tramico

Technical foam expertise

Technical foam

Production of Polyurethane foam is the historical activity of Howa-Tramico, and the company remains a leader in the technical foams sector.
Our products are developed to meet the requirements of our customers in the most diverse sectors, such as automotive, packaging, medical, and defense.

Polyurethane Foam :

  • PU Polyether : from 17 to 47 Kg/m3
  • PU Polyester : From 20 to 62 Kg/m3
  • - PU HR : From 25 to 60 Kg/m3
The polyurethane foams can be presented in blocks, in rolls or cut pieces.

PSeal Foam :

The Pseal Foam is from PVC developed for sealing applications in the water and air for the automotive and industry. Our foam is available in rolls with a thickness from 1.5 mm to 15 mm or cut pieces with or without adhesive.

Impregnated Foam :

The impregnation of a polyurethane foam with a specific formulation allows to modify these characteristics and obtain high-performance products:
    Stopflam: Foam for acoustic or sealing applications.
  • Available in rolls with a thickness from 6 mm to 25 mm
  • Possibility to produce complete acoustic kits
  • o Available with or without adhesive
  • o M1 Certification
    H4: Impregnated Foam Hydrophilic
  • Available in rolls with a thickness from 5 mm to 30 mm
  • Applications in packaging, medical, or any application requiring high fluid absorption
    Tramifiltre: Foam impregnated activated carbon
  • Available in rolls with a thickness from 5 mm to 25 mm
  • Application in military, medical, household appliances or air conditioning

Agglomerated Foam :

The agglomerated foams are obtained from PU foams recycled. This technology allows us to obtain very high densities up to 250 kg/m3. The agglomerated foams have excellent characteristics for acoustic and wedging applications. These products are available in blocks or in plates with a density from 80Kg/m3 to 250kg/m3.